The Origins of the EcoSwingi

EcoPrams EcoSwingi Baby Stroller Pram

Introducing The EcoSwingi Stroller Travel System

Meet The Creator Of The EcoSwingi

Fateha (Tia) Chowdhury is the founder of EcoPrams and inventor of the EcoSwingi Stroller Travel System. Tia is British and as part of her British identity she has the need to be a leader in innovation. Tia has two young boys who inspired her to develop this much needed product for the benefit of parents, grandparents and carers around the world. Her background in sales and project management has provided a unique perspective on how to successfully develop the EcoSwingi from concept to market.

The ideas behind the EcoSwingi product were borne from personal experience, when Tia discovered that it was near impossible to do her shopping using a pram and a shopping basket in the supermarket at the same time, whilst also keeping her baby occupied during trips to town. After identifying three key issues, Tia put her professional expertise, personal experience and parental intuition to work, solving each problem in turn. The result is the EcoSwingi Stroller System - a set of three inventions that work together to transform the experience of shopping and travelling with a baby.


The EcoBasket

At a supermarket, Tia would usually place her shopping basket on the canopy of the stroller. This helped to an extent, however didn't balance well. Sometimes the stroller tipped when it became overloaded, which was both inconvenient, and dangerous for the child. After a little research, Tia discovered that many other parents were facing similar challenges when shopping with their child.

Determined to develop a more effective and safer solution, Tia began designing a basket that would hook on to the handle of a stroller. Post prototyping several baskets, she eventually developed a version she was satisfied with; a basket that would bear the weight of around 10-15kg of shopping. A key feature of the EcoBasket is that plastic bags are no longer necessary. All shopping can go directly into the basket without the need to carry a separate cart around the supermarket.

The raised position of the basket aids balance and enables the user to load and unload the shopping with very little effort. It also helps the user to manoeuver the pram in an easy and comfortable manner, even when laden with shopping. EcoPrams has also designed a second, larger shopping basket which simply sits on the frame of the stroller; this can support up to 25kg of shopping weight.


The EcoByeBaby Swing

The EcoSwingi is about more than just making shopping easier; it's designed as a complete stroller system to make any day out with baby a more stress-free and rewarding experience for both parent and child. Until now, lulling a baby has involved the tedious and cumbersome process of pushing and pulling a stroller back and forth, which is typically only effective for a limited time. To enhance the effectiveness of this method, and minimise the effort required, EcoPrams has developed an automated swing seat to keep baby soothed and entertained during journeys.

The natural movement of the pram, and even the baby's own movement, causes the EcoByeBaby Swing to activate, triggering a smooth swinging motion. The swinging arc is limited in the interests of safety, and cannot go further than a specific predefined angle. It also has an 'engage' and 'disengage' feature so that it cannot swing if the engage lock is on.

To ensure that the pram is as compact as possible for travel and storage, the raised swing system pivots from the sides of the seat, whilst still allowing space for the EcoBasket to be positioned between the handle of the stroller and the back of the seat. The EcoByeBaby Swing simply clicks into place where the seat connectors are located.


The EcoBumper

Tia also found that her baby kept hitting the bumper bar of the stroller. She realised that both of her boys did the same thing - they kept hitting the bumper bar simply to create some noise in an effort to entertain themselves.  She also noticed that both her boys enjoyed playing with maze bead toys, often found in children's centres and nurseries.

Tia reworked the maze bead toy in the form of a channel, rather than a rod. She wanted a simple form of entertainment in front of her baby. She integrated the maze bead toy within the bumper bar to keep her baby more occupied during shopping trips. She tested it on her young toddler and discovered that he not only enjoyed playing with the EcoBumper, but also stayed focused and maintained co-ordination as a result.


Join The EcoSwingi Revolution


Tia patented all three inventions in the UK within the first year of development, with one being a green channel patent for the EcoBasket. The EcoBasket, EcoByeBaby Swing and EcoBumper have been tested with parents and babies, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Many parents, grandparents and carers are already asking when and where they can purchase the EcoSwingi, and with the mix and match offer that allows for each component to be purchased separately, the EcoSwingi is shaping up to be a major international success story.

EcoPrams provides the much needed solutions for today and tomorrow’s parenting; delivering innovative and attractive baby travel designs that are practical, forward thinking and easy to manage.

You now have the opportunity to be part of this revolutionary design, marking the future of baby travel by becoming a ‘backer’ of this project. As a ‘backer’ you will be acknowledged for your contributions and awarded with a number of exciting EcoPrams rewards as well as being a part of the very best in baby travel solutions worldwide.

With your support in this exciting baby travel development, Ecoprams will be able to produce the EcoSwingi using the finest engineering methods, achieving the very highest standards in industry. Preorders are currently limited, however with this round of funding secured, the EcoSwingi will be ready for full production and international distribution. 

Your support in the future of Ecoprams will mark the beginnings of EcoPrams' future and the start of baby travel becoming both a child and parent friendly activity that leaves travel challenges and the management of multi-tasking a thing of the past. 




Reward Fulfilment

EcoPrams has a fulfilment logistics team in place, dedicated to ensuring that rewards or products are dispatched and orders completed on time. We have a ‘pick and pack system plan’ and we also have plans in place to hire additional staff if required, to help meet our obligations to backers and customers.

At EcoPrams we know order fulfilment is more than just sending an order; it is the key part of the customer experience. We're determined to keep our customers happy so that word-of-mouth recommendations for the EcoSwingi continue to spread, allowing us to help even more parents, carers and grandparents.


A Message From EcoPrams Founder, Fateha 'Tia' Chowdhury

"My goal with this product is to make life less challenging for parents and more entertaining and soothing for babies, whether they're at home or out and about. Babies are special, and I believe they deserve the best start in life.

I hope that all those considering making a funding pledge can see the benefit of taking the EcoSwingi into production. I therefore ask you to join me in my ambition to serve parents, carers and grandparents alike, whose lives will be transformed by the EcoSwingi Stroller System.

I thank you wholeheartedly for your support."