EcoByeBaby Swing (Price is estimated)

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EcoSwingi Mechanism.jpg
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EcoByeBaby Swing (Price is estimated)


The EcoByeBaby Swing makes bulky and expensive swing seats a thing of the past, with easy integration into the EcoSwingi Frame. The child creates momentum themselves by using their body weight or legs to rock forward and backward. The motion of pushing and pulling the EcoSwingi stroller also causes the EcoByeBaby Swing to activate and trigger a smooth swinging motion.


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  • Suitable for infants aged 0-12 months.
  • Secure engage/disengage feature - the swing will not engage if the lock is on.
  • Safety lever for swapping out seat, car seat or carry cot.
  • Up to 75° rotation forward and back.

*Swing system for infants and children aged 12+ months coming in 2017.


*Prototype model shown. Differences may be present in final production model

*EcoSwingi Stroller Frame pictured but not included.

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