Parents, grandparents and carers know that it is almost impossible to handle a trolley or basket along with a pram whilst at the supermarket. Hanging shopping bags on a stroller can also be both problematic and dangerous. The EcoSwingi resolves these daily challenges and so much more, with its fully integrated and fully customisable shopping basket, swing system and bumper toy. The EcoSwingi is truly the first 3-in-1 stroller system that features innovation for baby, and innovation for you.


EcoSwingi Frame

The EcoSwingi's frame is the intelligently designed and integral structure that makes the EcoSwingi stroller travel system possible. Easily foldable and designed to make economic use of any available space, the EcoSwingi is perfect for travelling to and from any destination, and can be stored easily.


  • Rotating handle at full 180° (3 stages).
  • Hook fixtures for easily securing your EcoBasket in a variety of configurations to suit your needs.
  • Click off / click on wheels that are robust and highly manoeuverable.

EcoByeBaby Swing

The EcoByeBaby Swing makes bulky and expensive swing seats a thing of the past, with easy integration into the EcoSwingi Frame. The child creates momentum themselves by using their body weight or legs to rock forward and backward. The motion of pushing and pulling the EcoSwingi stroller also causes the swing to activate, triggering a smooth swinging motion.


  • Secure engage/disengage feature - the swing will not engage if the lock is on.
  • Safety lever for swapping out seat, car seat or carry cot.
  • Up to 75° rotation forward and back.